Riding a Motorcycle You Don’t Own

Insuring a Motorcycle You Do Not OwnA lot of newbie riders learn to ride on a friend or relative’s motorcycle.  That way you can learn whether or not riding is for you before going out and investing a ton of money in a bike.  And even if you can insure a bike without a license, you typically can’t register one.  And you can’t get a license without knowing how to ride.

Of course, this scenario asks for a lot of trust from the friend or relative who is loaning you his/her bike.  After all, beginners are quite likely to drop a bike at least a couple of times.  Plus there are collisions and other issues to think about.  For this reason, if you are going to be borrowing somebody else’s bike for any extended period of time, you might want to think about insuring a motorcycle that isn’t yours with a non-owner’s insurance policy.  This type of policy typically costs only half as much as a normal one, and it typically only covers liability.  Still, it could be a very good idea.  To find out how much such a policy will run you, you can, of course, get some motorcycle insurance quotes.

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